The University of West Attica is using the TurnitIn ( antiplagiarism application.

Instructions for educators of the University of West Attica:

  1. Enter the application: > Είσοδος
  2. + Add Class (or click a Class name, then go to step 4), then:
    Class type: Standard
    Class name: (Any, e.g. Thesis)
    Enrollment key: (Any, e.g. 0000)
    Subject area(s): (Select, e.g. Engineering)
    Student level(s): (Select, e.g. Undergraduate)
    Class end date: (Select, e.g. any date –this can change later)

  3. Select Class by click on its name
  4. + Add Assignment
    (Give an Assignment title)
    (You may change Start and Due dates or not)
    (Maybe Allow any file type or not)
    + Optional settings
    Generate Similarity Reports for submissions: YES
    Exclude bibliographic materials from Similarity Index: (you may select YES)
    Exclude small sources: (you may select NO)
    Submit papers to: (you may select NO REPOSITORY)
    Search options: (you may select check all sources)

  5. Select More Actions > Submit
    First name (any, e.g. of your student)
    Last name (any, e.g. of your student)
    Submission title (any, e.g. Student thesis)
    Choose (a file) from this computer (or a cloud drive from the other options)
    UPLOAD, then select CONFIRM, then select GO TO THE ASSIGNMENT BOX

  6. Then you have to wait, as it takes some time for the similarity report to be completed, until a percentage figure appears in the SIMILARITY column.
    When similarity report is completed, click the percentage figure of this assignment to see the similarity report.

To go to another Class, first press your name in the menu bar (up right) then select All Classes.