Courses – MSc program “Advanced Systems and Methods in Biomedical Engineering”

1st Semester

No. Code Cooordinators Course title ECTS
1 MTMBIT 11 P. Liaparinos, Asst. Professor Modern Physics with Applications in Biomedical Engineering 5
2 MTMBIT 12 I. Kalatzis, Assc. Professor Mathematicals Methods and Applications in Modern Biosciences 5
3 MTMBIT 13 P. Asvestas, Assc. Professor Information Technologies in Medicine and other Biosciences 5
4 MTMBIT 14 V. Spiropoulos, Professor Emerging Technologies in Modern In Vitro Diagnostics, Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics 5
5 MTMBIT 15 E. Ventouras, Professor Emerging Technologies in Modern In Vivo Diagnostics, Telemedicine and Personal Medicine 5
6 MTMBIT 16 M. Kallergi, Assc. Professor Micro- and Nano-Technology Applications on Molecular Diagnosis, Therapy, and Implants. 5
      Total: 30


2nd Semester

No. Code Cooordinators Course title ECTS
1 MTMBIT 21 D. Glotsos, Assc. Professor Biomedical Electronics and Medical Instrumentation, Biomechanics, Implant Modalities 5
2 MTMBIT 22 S. Kostopoulos, Asst. Professor Advanced Methods on Digital Signal and Image Processing 5
3 MTMBIT 23 I. Kandarakis, Professor Imaging Science and Emerging Technologies in Medical Imaging 5
4 MTMBIT 24 N. Kalyvas, Asst. Professor Large Scale Therapeutic and Diagnostic Installation, Quality Assurance and Radioprotection 5
5 MTMBIT 25 A. Tzavaras PhD, Specialized Technician Biomedical Technology on home Health Surveillance and Treatment, Networked Health Services Provision 5
6 MTMBIT 26 I. Valais, Professor Biomedical Technology Quality Assurance, Biomedical Property, Standards, Medical Protocols and Directions 5
      Total: 30


3rd Semester

No. Code Course title ECTS
1 MTMBIT 31 MSc thesis 30