The Department of Biomedical Engineering is developing important scientific (educational and research) activity in the internationally established and rapidly evolving field of Biomedical Engineering. The Department participates in the framework of action “Scientific and Academic Excellence” of the Ministry of Education. In the context of this action three (3) groups, with members of the Department’s educational staff, have joined “Excellence”, while another member participates in a fourth “Excellence” program with another Department.


The Department has obtained a large number of research grants within various (more than 20) research projects, such as “Archimedes”, “Excellence” of the GSRT, “Heraclitus”, “Pythagoras”, various transnational and European projects FP7, COST etc. Members of the Department’s staff are responsible for supervising post-doctoral students through post-doctoral research projects. The Department offers graduate studies with the MSc level program entitled: Advanced Systems and Methods in Biomedical Engineering. The purpose of the program is to provide students at all career stages the tools necessary for the study, design, development, and application of novel and advanced systems and methods in the field of biomedical engineering. The program will cover the entire spectrum of biomedical engineering topics from basic science issues to technological state-of-the-art to economic and business aspects of the field. In addition members of the staff participate in post-graduate programs cooperating with other Greek Universities (e.g. Data Science & Information Technologies at University of Athens, Medical Physics at University of Patras etc). A large number of graduates have completed post-graduate, doctoral and post-doctoral studies. The last two years the Department organizes an annual scientific conference (BIOMEP: Conference on Biomedical Instrumentation and Related Engineering and Physical Sciences) and participates in the organization of many international scientific conferences. It is worth noting that recently positions of medical instruments engineers have been approved in the bodies of almost all public hospitals in Greece, while the Greek Ministry of Health (Biomedical Division) has proposed strengthening the role of the corresponding Hospital Departments.


According the Department’s External Evaluation Report (March 2010), “The Department aims to provide a complete and coherent educational program in the field of biomedical technology and instrumentation and to promote research and development in the field. The Department is unique in the country in offering a course in the field of biomedical technology and instrumentation.”