Optical Microscopy and Analysis of Biological Images

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Undergraduate Courses

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Semester 9 ( ΜΕΥ )

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Course Tutors

Dimitrios Glotsos

Course Outline

• Introduction, light and color, human visual system, light and matter interaction
• Basic instrumentation of optical microscope, types of optical microscope
• Lenses, filters, magnification, focus, diffraction, and resolution
• Fluorescence microscopy, confocal microscopy, special systems, superresolution microscopy, hybrid systems
• Applications of microscopy in medicine and biology, cytology, histopathology, preparation and processing of samples
• Digitization of images, analysis of biological images, morphometry, texture, architecture, extraction of features, feature interpretation, computer-aided decision support systems
• Image Degradation Model, Image Restoration / Deconvolution
• Examples of processing and analysis of biological images (histopathology, cytology, fluorescence, microarrays, proteomics, FISH, FRAP, in vitro and in vivo, etc.)