Radiation Protection – Quality Assurance and Control

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Undergraduate Courses

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Semester 8 ( ΜΕΥ )

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Course Outline

• Introduction to radiation physics
• Radiation sources, Electromagnetic spectrum, Ionizing and non-ionizing radiation, Natural and Artificial sources,
Ways of Exposure to Radiation
• Radioactivity, Nuclear stability-instability, Radioisotopes
• Types of Radiation (α, β, γ, neutrons, etc.)
• Radiation-matter Interaction Shielding, Excitement, Ionization or Ionization Law of Exponential Fading, Law
Inverse square of Distance.
• Dosimetric Units, Absorbed, Equivalent, Active Dose, Skin Dose, DAP Size
• Ionizing Radiation Detection, Gas Radiation Detectors, Scintillation Detectors, Detectors
Thermoluminescence TLD
• Detection of non-ionizing radiation.
• Radiation Protection System, International-National Radiation Protection System, Legislation
• Protection of exposed workers, Classification and delimitation of zones, Classification of exposed
Workers protection measures, Worker exposure assessment
• Principles of radiation protection in medical exposure, Medical reports, Optimization of medical reports.
• Applied protection measures in Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, Radiotherapy, Legislation.
• Influence of imaging parameters on medical image quality
• Quality Assurance Programs and Quality Controls, Necessity
• Protocols for quality control in Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, Radiotherapy.
• How to Perform Quality Controls.
• Legislation governing Quality Controls