Physics Of Nuclear Medicine

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Undergraduate Courses

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Semester 7 ( ΜΕ )

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Course Tutors

George Fountos

Course Outline

• Introduction to Nuclear Physics.
• Radioactivity. Production of radioactive isotopes. Radiopharmaceuticals.
• Radiation Detectors (Photon Counters): Scintillators, Photomultipliers.
• Collimators. Electronic signal modulation, Pulse height analyzers.
• Gamma-camera imaging systems and Single photon emission computed tomography systems
• Annihilation phenomenon and Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Systems.
• Special type imaging andmeasuring systems (analogue camera, solid-state camera, gamma counters, whole
body counters, counters for measuring of functional parameters etc.).
• Image quality in Nuclear Medicine.
• Dosimetry and Radiation Protection in Nuclear Medicine.
• Quality control protocols in Nuclear Medicine.