Design and Construction of Biomedical Devices

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Undergraduate Courses

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Semester 6 ( ΜΕΥ )

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Course Outline

Theoretical description of the basic electrical and electronic components used in medical devices.
Production and measurement of analogue and digital signals
Introduction to Electronics and Microcontrollers
Architecture and Microcontroller Subsystems
Microcontroller circuits and device connectivity
Input-Output Devices
Signal acquisition and processing by sensors
Microcontroller Programming and Application Programs
Microcontroller platforms and connectivity issues
A complete study of a specific device, containing 1) the theoretical approach to the signal that the device will
detect, the electronic schematic, the technical description, the design of the electronic board to be used, and the
design of the housing.
Introduction to the use of microcontrollers in medical devices, basics and programming examples
Simulation of device operation and programming of the embedded microcontroller.
Construction of the device, based on the study.
Testing, and delivering the device in full and safe mode, in its housing, supplied by its user and maintenance