Call for candidates – MSc program “Advanced Systems and Methods in Biomedical Engineering”

The Department of Biomedical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering of the University of West Attica announces a new Graduate Program entitled:

“Advanced Systems and Methods in Biomedical Engineering”

Graduate candidates should submit to the Registry of the Graduate Program application accompanied by the required documents during the period between June 3rd to July 12th and September 1-16th, 2019.

The required documents are:

  1. Application form (pdf, doc)
  2. Study titles, diplomas etc., and transcript of grades. (If diplomas awarded by universities abroad should have the recognition rate of N.A.R.I.C,
  3. Personal statement, 500 words maximum not exceeding one page, indicating the applicant’s (a) general and specific interests and how they relate to the scientific objectives of the program, (b) reasons for wanting to attend the particular program, and (c) ambitions upon completion of the program.
  4. Curriculum vitae
  5. Certificates of good English language practice
  6. Two (2) written recommendation letters
  7. Evidence of research, authorship and professional work (if any)
  8. Four (4) ID-type personal photos
  9. Title and summary of Graduate-Diploma Thesis (if provided).

Additional to the above documents may be submitted any evidence candidates consider that will help to form a complete image of their individual qualifications and competences.

The application and related documents must be submitted on time, in person or by registered mail to the address below:

University of West Attica, Campus I
Department of Biomedical Engineering
Attn: Mrs. Kalliopi Theiakou
17 Ag. Spyridonos str, 122 10 Egaleo
Tel.: +30 210 5385318

Interviews with the candidates will be scheduled after the expiration of the application period.

* Senior students are eligible to apply to the program provided they have completed all obligations for their bachelor’s degree prior to the beginning of the MS courses.

** Successful candidates may register to the program upon the condition that they are not registered in another Hellenic Public Postgraduate Program simultaneously.

Tuition Fees

Fees for the academic year 2019-2020 are set at 1200 euros for the entire program.

Fees may be adjusted in subsequent academic years by decision of the Academic Board.

During registration, and at least one week before the beginning of the classes, students should pay 1/3 of the tuition fees (400 euros per semester).

Inability of timely payment of tuition fees may lead to cancellation of the student’s registration from the program, or refusal to grant any certificate.

Fees should be paid to the Special Account for Research Grants of the University of West Attica.